Sunday, 11 September 2011

Universal Bar

Sorry for the delay, here's the review for this week

Food Choices

Was quite impressed, there was actually a couple of options for vegetarians, and they were all under $20. There was a veggie pizza or a stuffed capscium for $19 and bruschetta for $14 (is this actually a main?). The usual sides too (garlic bread, fries and wedges $9) as well as some mushrooms for $6. The stuffed capscium didn't really strike my fancy so I went for the pizza. It was nice not to have the decision made for me and to actually have a couple of options.

Food quality

The pizza was actually really good! I couldn't eat the whole thing though. I would recommend splitting one between two people if you don't eat much like me. It would bring the cost down too, and then you could have some drinks!

Overall Rating

1 point per vegetarian choice (max 3):  2.5 - 0.5 for the brushetta cos its not actually a meal...
Quality of meal (1-3): 3
Value for money (1-3):  2 - The pizza was expensive (top end of budget), but it was tasty, and it could have been split
X-factor (0-1): 1

Total: 85%

Guess I will just have to drink my calories tonight...

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