Friday, 14 October 2011

Fibber McGee's

Food Choices

I must say when I read the menu I was very disappointed, as there was nothing on there I could eat. Then my friend pointed out to me that it said down the bottom of the page "Vegetarian menu on request". I was very excited about this. Here it is, in all it's glory:

As you can see 4 choices all under $20. However, I was in a really cheap mood, and didn't really fancy anything on the menu so I just ordered chips ($7.50)

Food quality

I feel it is a little unfair when I am judging them merely on their chips. They were quite tasty though. I shared my friend's onion rings and they were pretty tasty too. The chips were "hand cut" and were kind of like unseasoned wedges. They were huge.

Overall Rating

1 point per vegetarian choice (max 3):  3
Quality of meal (1-3): ~ choosing to opt out of this one
Value for money (1-3):  2 - They had cheap options, not sure if they were good though.
X-factor (0-1): 0

Total: 60%

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  1. I did enjoy the hand cut chips, especially with the skins still on. The garden salad was simple but tasty and fresh too.

  2. I agree. The chips were rather tasty, as was the garlic bread. (Probably one of the better garlic breads I've had). I had the Steak and Stout Pie which was also quite tasty and filling. Most main meal dishes were between about $21 and $32. I would highly recommend this pub for the food. If you like to drink spirits based drinks out of stubbies (like I do) then you won't be in luck here.