Monday, 16 April 2012

The Boheme

I saw on their website that this place had been there a year. I guess this shows just how much attention I've been paying, I thought it was still Bobby Dazzlers. That said, this place is much more fancy. The place feels really big, which is surprising considering its location right in the heart of the malls. 

Food Choices

Everything was really expensive here. For its location, I wasn't surprised. As far as mains go there was a vegetarian kebab ($26) and a Greek pizza ($17.00 for small and $25.50 for large). There was also a cheese platter (Brie, cheddar: $14, sapphire creamy blue: $16 or 3 cheese plate: $24). They had some interesting sides as well ranging between $7 - $10. I went for the Greek pizza, it had Baby spinach, ricotta cheese, spice mix and mint. I went for a small one, as I tend not to eat too much.

Food Quality

My friend also ordered this pizza, in the large size. The large size pizza was about the same size as you'd expect a small pizza to be, and the small one was tiny. My friend really enjoyed his, but I didn't really like mine. If you like mint, then definitely try it, but otherwise I thought it was a bit boring. It mostly just tasted like doughy pizza with cheese on top. I got a second opinion on this, and two out of three didn't really like it. Another friend who had eaten it before claimed "It was nice enough, but I wouldn't order it again".

Another friend ordered the kebab. He thoroughly recommended it.

Apparently the sides are good too. Garlic bread was described as "perfectly toasted on both sides"

Overall Rating

1 point per vegetarian choice (max 3): 1.5 - 1for the pizza, 0.5 for the over budget and the sides
Quality of meal (1-3): 1.5 - A bit bland, but not horrible
Value for money (1-3): 0 - Tiny pizza, over-budget everything
X-factor (0-1): 0.5 - I didn't like the place, but I didn't dislike the place
Total: 35%

Guess I will have to drink my calories tonight...

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