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Once again, I realise this isn't a pub, but stay with me. I guess our group is looking for a bit of variety so I've just decided to review everywhere we go.

Raah is a Middle eastern style restaurant with a stylist look and prices you would expect. This meant, of course, that nothing was within my budget. It was a sharing style place, and that would have been great if I wasn't a vegetarian. Out of the "More substantial" menu there was only one vegetarian option. We ordered a few Meeze dishes are well, where there were a few more options.

I started the night with a Turkish Delight martini. It was amazing. It tasted like liquid turkish delight with vodka. It wasn't cheap, but I'd definitely recommend it.

Out of the Mezze dishes I got to try the corn dish (Chunky cut corn on the cob with sumac-dried lime butter) and the boreks (Mixed cheese and dill boreks). They were at bit pricey at $10 each, as you only got 4 pieces. The corn was really amazing. The subtle lime flavour really worked. The boreks were nice, but not really my thing.  

The one vegetarian main was "Sweet potato, lentil and golden raisin tagine with lemon pickled turnip,  parsley and preserved lemon salad" and was $26. This would be out of my budget, but I guess things are different when you are sharing everything equally. It was the cheapest of the mains, which mets my philosophy of "Vegetarian food should be cheaper".

The sweet potato crisps on top were really nice. Probably the best part of the dish for me, which was overall slightly too spicy for my liking. I'm not very good with spice, so perhaps it would appeal to almost everyone else.

This is what my plate looked like on the first round of food
Overall everyone seemed to enjoy their meals, and at the end of the night we ended up paying around $40 each. This is probably more of an expensive night out than I am used to, but the food was good quality, the place had a nice atmosphere and the staff were friendly.

Somewhat unusually for me I had a dessert. All of the desserts were between $8-$12.

Saffron and cardamom crème carmel with almond shortbread ($10)

Cherry Parfait with pistachios and mulberry syrup ($10)

Turkish Delight sorbet and fresh strawberries ($8)
I had the sorbet, and I must say it was amazing. It was really delicious and tasted very fresh. I would definitely recommend it.

If you are looking for a nicer place than I normally review, then go to Raah. It's probably not the best choice for a vegetarian on a budget, however.

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