Friday, 11 November 2011

The Flying Scotsman

Food Choices

So, continuing the trend, there were a few options. Gnocchi ($20),  Vegetarian rissotto ($21.50), 3 vegetarian pizzas (Margarita: $13, Fat vego: $17.50, Tandoori: $17), Vegetarian platter ($33), Vegetarian burger ($16), 2 salads ($14, $16). So that's plenty of options, and plenty for under $20. Want to share a pizza or a platter and you're in for a cheap night out!

Tandoori pizza
Food quality

I ordered a pizza and shared it with my friend. I'm pretty sure I've had the Fat Vego before, and remember it to be good, but don't quote me on that. This time, however, I had the Tandoori pizza. If you like Indian food, but don't like spicy foods (like me, yes yes I know I'm picky), then this is the pizza for you. It was really tasty! You wouldn't think yoghurt on a pizza would be a good idea but it worked! It was a bit messy to pick up and eat, but other than that I was very pleased. I couldn't eat the whole thing, so I shared it with a friend. Nice and cheap. I had two other friends order pizzas, and they couldn't finish them either, so I'd definitely recommend this place to share a pizza.

The Vegetarian Platter changes with the specials
Two of my friends ordered and shared the platter. One friend said he was "in love" with the quiche. He then demoted to it "quite nice", and then didn't finish it. They seemed to generally enjoy it. I tried the quiche and wasn't impressed.

It doesn't look nice, but don't let that put you off
So apparently even though this looks awful it was really tasty. My friend said that even though they didn't like olives, it was still nice. He ate all the olives.

Overall Rating

1 point per vegetarian choice (max 6):  3
Quality of meal (1-3): 2
Value for money (1-3):  2.5 - There was a lot of options under $20, and $8.50 for a delicious meal. My only complaint is that there were meat pizza for cheaper than the vegetarian options. That just doesn't seem right
X-factor (0-1): 0

Total: 75%

Guess I won't have to drink my calories tonight...

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