Monday, 28 November 2011

Side Quest: Pink Pepper

This isn't a pub, I know that, but there was a claim it had a good vegetarian burger, and I can't let that go. As my loyal readers know, I'm very picky about my veggie burgers, so I had to give it a go.

I was there with friends and we shared a vegetarian pizza, veggie burger and chips. To keep some suspense I'll talk about the pizza first. It was pretty good. I'd recommend it when you're looking for a good quality pizza. I enjoyed the crumbled feta.

It's only wonky because we cut it
The burger:

It was ... good! I was impressed! However, I'm afraid I can't say I've finally found my veggie burger of choice. It's not really a burger. My definition of burgers usually includes some sort of patty (be that beef, chicken, lentils, chickpeas, etc) and unfortunately this was just vegetables and mushrooms. It was delicious, don't get me wrong, but it was more of a warm sandwich. I'm not very picky about those, and I'd has very nice, similar sandwiches on plenty of occasions.

So, was there a nice meal at Pink Pepper, yes! Was there a nice veggie burger, unfortunately not. I will keep you posted if I have any other discoveries.

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