Sunday, 25 March 2012

Side Quest: Rosie O'Gradys (Fremantle)

Night at in Fremantle, and wanted to quickly grab some food before heading out. I really like Rosie O'Gradys in Northbridge, so I thought I'd give the one in Freo a try.

I ordered the veggie burger. It was $15.90, which wasn't the most expensive in the world, but also not the cheapest. 

The burger, which sounded great on paper (Tofu, pumpkin, potato and feta cheese burger on a toasted bun with aoili, lettuce, tomato and beetroot relish) was pretty much inedible. I couldn't finish it. In fact, I took about 2 bites, gave up and ate the chips. Suddenly $15.90 makes for expensive chips.

Would not recommend. At all.

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