Friday, 6 January 2012

Brass Monkey Hotel

In the heart of Northbridge I'd always seen the Brass Monkey as a place you go to get really drunk on a Friday night, or as a starting point for clubbing so I wasn't expecting much. I suppose I didn't really have much to base this assumption on, so perhaps I was being a bit unfair.

Food Choices

Actually the choices wasn't bad. Besides the usual sides there was a $14.90 Brushetta, 3 different vegetarian salads (excluding the side salad); Garden ($10.90), Greek ($13.90) and Goats cheese ($20.90). There was a vegetarian pizza ($19.50) and two mains Three mushroom risotto ($22.90) and Spinach and ricotta cannelloni ($18.90).

I felt vaguely obligated to get the cannelloni considering the price was in budget, but I just really fancied the risotto, so I splurged $2.90 over budget.

Food Quality

Average. The rice was a bit undercooked, and it was a bit bland. It wasn't terrible, not by a long shot. I've definitely had worse, but there was just nothing special about it. To be honest, the risotto I cooked a few nights ago was better. As a small eater, I couldn't finish it and I don't like leaving things I've paid good money for; I would have preferred to have half for half the price. 

I wish there was more I could say about the risotto, but it just wasn't very memorable. Considering I had gone over budget, I was hoping for something nice.

Overall Rating

1 point per vegetarian choice (max 3): 3 - two mains in budget, and a bunch of salads
Quality of meal (1-3): 1.5
Value for money (1-3): 1
X-factor (0-1): 0 - The atmosphere wasn't bad, but they were really understaffed so we had to wait a long time at the bar to order food.
Total: 55%

Guess I will have to drink my calories tonight...

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