Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Side Quest: V Burger Bar

To make this side quest official I have gathered a small team of adventurers who are going "Veggie Questing" with me. Their code names, for the purpose of this blog, are: Lancelot, Guinevere, Morgan Le Fay and Galahad. I'm King Arthur, because I'm the fussiest and hardest to please.

V Burgers had 3 vegetarian bugers: Med-Veg, Halloween and Gucaloumi.

Morgan had the Med-Veg plus mushrooms. She described it as moist, messy and filling.

Med-Veg with mushrooms

Lancelot had the Halloween. He described it as good, interesting and said that he would have liked another. He went on to say that it was lovely and crispy, but would have been nicer with more pesto, and less feta. Morgan said that she though the feta balanced out the taste of the pesto.


Guinevere had the Gucaloumi. She described it as nice, perfectly salted with good guacamole.


As King Arthur, I of course have something to say about all of them.

The Med-Veg whilst very nice, unfortunately fell into the warm sandwich trap. Everyone can make a nice veggie sandwich. It was also quite messy to try and eat. 

The Gucaloumi also fell into the same trap. Whilst the cheese almost pulled off being a patty, it pretty much wasn't. I did like the cheese though and it was definitely an enjoyable warm cheese sandwich.

The Halloween, however, had a layer of crumbled pumpkin that could definitely pass off as a patty. It passes my definition of burger. I was pleasantly surprised, that seeing it had a patty, it wasn't horrible. The crumbed pumpkin was very nice, and seemed to work for the burger. It could have done with some more veggies, but I guess it can't have everything. 

Edit (19/12/11): I had this burger again last Friday night, and whilst it was OK, It wasn't great. When I did this review, I tried a small portion of each burger, and last Friday I ate a whole one to myself. The onions, which I hadn't noticed the first time, were very overpowering, and made the experience mostly unpleasant. After I picked them out I was happier and whilst it was still a good burger, I can no longer label it amazing.

Would recommend! 

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