Monday, 12 December 2011

Side Quest: The Burger Bistro

I was out with a couple of friends in Leederville looking for dinner and we decided to stop by the Burger Bistro. They had two veggie burgers on the menu, the "Veggie Max" and the "Chickpea Chow Down" both for $15. Whilst the Veggie Max looked nicer, I was afraid of running into another warm sandwich and I ordered the Chickpea Chow Down.

"chickpea patty hand made with zucchini, carrot, cumin, turmeric and paprika served in a sough dough roll with sour cream on a bed of our usual salads"
It was terrible. Not just bad, but really bad. There was one slice of tomato, and some rocket. I'm not a fan of rocket really, and the terrible patty didn't inspire me. I'm not really a fan of spicy, so if you are, maybe you will enjoy it. However, that said it was unnecessarily dry.

I wouldn't mind trying the other choice, but I think it will probably fall into the warm sandwich trap. 

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